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Generate Free Traffic to your Website

Once you have set up your site and put it online you are going to need visitors on your website. There are many ways to get website traffic. We will give you (number) tips to get visitors to your website and we will also tell you what is tempting to do to get website traffic, but not recommendable.

To build traffic to your website or Blog can be quite time consuming, depending on how much traffic you want. If you are setting up a business online you want as much visitors on your site as possible. To get results you will have to put in a lot of effort and it will be an ongoing process. At least a few hours every week is good to start with. After submitting your webste to the search engines the job is not done. It can take up to months before our website even shows up in the searchengines, but you might be able to speed it up by using the traffic building tips we are going to suggest to you.

Don’t expect huge traffic immediately like some services or products you will find on the net will promise you. It will probably start with only a few every day. Just keep going and don’t think you are doing it all for nothing. The traffic to your website will be built up in time once your URL is spread more on the internet through the methods below.

Website Traffic through Directory Listings and Classified Ads

There are many Directory Listings and Classified Ads sites around and in my opinion it is a good idea to use them. It will not get you tons of visitors to your website, but it is a way of spreading your link on the net and traffic from these will grow. It is recommended to submit your website URL to directories with a pagerank of at least 1/10 or with a good and catchy name. Examples for a classified and directory: USFreeAds or Internet Ads Center (also an Article base. See below). The better the name and the higher the pagerank, the more important the website for searchengines. Install the Google Toolbar and you can check the pagerank for any website you visit.

I recommend not to use directories that ask a fee for your submission AND require you to link back to them. Linkexchange is another way of getting more traffic, so you will end up with enough links. To get a free link might require a link back, but do not do this too much. Featured links or classifieds will cost a small fee and will get you a lot more traffic than normal ones, because they are displayed on the high traffic main pages of these directories.

Do not pay any attention to those “Submit your site to 100 Directories” kind of things you will find on the net. Lots of them are scams. Use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find “top 10 directories” and check the pagerank before you submit. Decide what directories you want to add your site to.

Generate Traffic with writing Articles

Submitting Articles to the major Ezine Article websites is definately recommended and will surely generate traffic to your site. Write articles on the subject your website is about or about your niche. Use the right keywords that you have used on your website and write the article in correct english. Make sure what you write is unique content and use correct or business language, so that the people reading your articles think that your the expert on your subject and want to visit your site. There are always articles you can use and change into your own words, but it should not look even a bit like the original. Limit the word count to somewhere between 300 and 600 words. Most visitors will not read your article to the end if it is enormous and then they will not see your link. Short, to the point content is key and generates more traffic to your site.

Again, do not expect lots of visitors on your website immediately. What I recommend (and know for a fact that works) is write 2 to 5 articles every week to the major article sites. After a while the effect is absolutely noticable, but it could take a few weeks or even months. Try to find some informatin about your subject or niche on Google and you will see one or more article websites on the first or second page with the information you are looking for. Your article could be there. People will click the link, end up at your article that has your website link in the author box and there you go.

Attract visitors by commenting on Blogs

Posting comments on other Blogs is a way of generating more traffic to your site not many think of doing. Find Bogs about your subject or niche with a reasonable pagerank and post “intelligent” comments or experiences, again in correct english and to the point. Put your website URL at the bottom of them. Because you are posting on a website relevant to your own the searchengines think your website is important aswell. Do not flood every Blog you can find. Keep it decent and original. If visitors of the Blog are really looking for the information they will check your website for more relevant information. This is another way of spreading your link throughout the net. Like articles do this a few times every week and keep it going.

Get Traffic from posting Yahoo! Anwers

At Yahoo! Answers you can post answers to question posted by other users. Try to find the questions relevant to your subject or niche and ofcourse in the signature box you post your name and your website URL. Again make sure you keep it to the point, quality posts and do not spam Yahoo! Answers. It has to look serious for your site to look important and to get the targeted traffic you want.

We have a few more to go…

Attract Visitors through your own Blog

Create a few Blogs at free Blog websites about your subject or niche and place a link to your main website on each of them. You ca take your time to add content on your Blogs, but your first page should have unique content to make your readers curious. Use the same keywords in your headings and text as on your main website. Make sure your Blogs are configured so that readers can add comments to your posts. This will take care of adding new content which is good for the searchengine rankings. Ofcourse you will have to keep an eye on it at the beginning and add some content yourself once every week or two weeks.

Blogs are very popular and searchengines find them important as long as the content is relevant and serious. After some time, together with earlier methods we have suggested, you will increase traffic to your website even more. You could even link the seperate Blogs to eachother for more link spreading of your Blogs. In the beginning you might think you have put up your Blog posts for nothing, but eventually you will get website traffic from them.

Traffic from Link Exchange programs

Another way to get targeted traffic to you website is Link Exchange with other websites in your niche or about your subject. Not all, but many webmasters offer a Link Exchange program in their left bar menu or in their footer. They place your link on their site if you put their link on yours. As your link will be on a website in the same niche (try to find 10 – 20 of them) the searchenigines see the relevance and your website will be more important for them. After some time, after the searchengines have crawled your website a few more times, you will be easier to find when surfers enter your keywords. Not only will you get traffic from the other website’s visitors, but your URL is spread a bit more on the net again.

You have to be a bit careful here. Some webmasters put up your link and remove it after a while and you will still have their link on your website. Also be sure your link will be on the same domain name as where you have requested the link exchange. Some webmasters will put your link on one of their other websites, which might not be relevant to your niche or subject. Make sure you check these things regularly and remove their links when you see yours is gone or not where it was supposed to be. If your link will appear on a page more than 2 clicks from their main page just forget about it and do not apply. Your link will be useless. These are all scams profiting from a lot of webmasters’ ignorance.

Targeted Website Traffic with Paid services

What we have suggested to you above were all free methods of generating traffic to your site. There are also numerous ways to generate traffic through paid advertising. Google and Yahoo! both offer the possibility to advertise your website through Pay Per Click ads. If you are sure your product or service will sell this is a very effective way to get targeted traffic. Once your ad is active you will get instant traffic. Google Adwords is a good place to start if you can afford a daily budget of a few dollars. You can create Google ads that will cost you a few cents per click. Your ad will look like what you can find in the right site of the Google pages after putting in a search string. If you get for example 100 visitors any given day through Pay Per Click ads, your product or service costs 19 dollars and 3 of those 100 visitors actually buy it you can easily afford the few dollars per day on advertising.

Think this through very carefully before you consider starting with PPC advertising. If you are not careful this could cost you too much valuable dollars. If you are not creating a business online, but merely an informational website this is not recommended. There are other ways to monetize your website, like Google Adsense, which we will talk about in another section of this website.

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